Electro-Ionic Modulation (EIM) and Its Applications

We study electro-ionic modulation (EIM) and its applications. We discovered a novel and fundamental neuromodulation method that we coin as electro-ionic modulation (EIM), where we control ionic concentration around a nerve in real-time and in-vivo and achieve higher controllability of neural membrane potential (Vm), the basic parameter to control motion, sensation, and behavior. EIM achieves neuromodulation via real-time regulation of extracellular ion concentration around the nerve in-vivo and application of extrinsic current to the nerve at the same time by using an electrode and an interface on it. EIM is the most superior neuromodulation method for real-life applications and has the potential to replace other neuromodulation techniques for therapy purposes. The discovery of Hodgkin and Huxley, action potential is a result of the ion concentration change around the nerve, has not been directly applied to daily-life due to lack of technology. By utilizing their discovery, EIM has the potential to be a paradigm-shifting method for treatment of neurological disorders. We will use EIM in development of neuroprosthetic devices for paralysis; deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease; stimulating devices for inducing nerve regeneration; inhibition of nerve activation for migraine, chronic pain, epilepsy; and for the therapy of other neurological disorders.